The less fortunate

April 11, 2014

What does it mean to be Less Fortunate?
To be less fortunate means living below an acceptable living standard when resources are insufficient to meet basic needs such as Food, Shelter and clothing on a daily basis.


Why are some of us Less Fortunate?
Being less fortunate exists because of the disparity that is present among people in a community due to the:

  1.  Lack of the desire to learn
  2.  Lack of opportunity
  3.  Emergency circumstances

Where are the less fortunate?
They are everywhere.  In cities, towns wherever there are group of people in all races, there are the less fortunate.

Who is affected by less fortunate circumstances?
Individuals such as single men, women and families such as single parents especially children.  Why children? They are the recipient of their parent(s) economical status.

What can you do?

  • If you know anyone that is  less fortunate, get to know them and find out what is their story.
  • If you can, having heard their story what can you do to assist them out of their situation?
  • Volunteer at any of the various agencies
  • Donate something

What is your perception of the less fortunate?

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