The PERFECT Package

May 21, 2021

Blessed day to you!

While practicing my silent devotion this morning I was prompted to share the following situation.


Regardless of how uncomfortable and difficult these times have been and are, you can’t go back to the way things were because that place that you knew is no longer there.


The situation

Having to pay bank service charges and transfer fees for each e-transfers on our bank account is not something that sits right with me. I don’t mind paying service charges but the transfer fees make me uncomfortable.

So, I requested a meeting with our account manager and with great patience and attentiveness, he listened to me vent.

At the end of our phone call, he suggested a different package that I may be comfortable with. This new package had some key advantages, like the service charge being lower and wait for it… no extra transfer fees for e-transfers. Yay!

However, it has one huge disadvantage – transactions are limited. Meaning, I have to keep track of all my transactions to ensure I do not exceed the numbers allowed, because exceeding it will increase the cost of the service charge very quickly.

After trying this new package for a month as the account manager suggested, I requested another meeting. The meeting was to reinstate my former package because tracking my transaction had become a chore and it was stealing my peace.

Again, he listened and proceeded to remind me of two things; 1) in the near future, changes that I am not a fan of are coming and, 2) the former package I had will no longer exist as I knew it. He then came up with a package for me, that was PERFECT.

Just as my account manager came up with the perfect account package for me, I want you to remember that God your Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit has prepared the PERFECT package for your situation.

Spend time with Him today and always, sit at His feet, discuss your situation with Him. He will show you the plan and once you see and know it, like me, you will say “it’s perfect!”

If you have any prayer need, send me an email, for our God is Alive, Well and Able.


Live Life Victoriously

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