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In Remembrance

In the past months, we have celebrated both Thanksgiving and Remembrance day. Both celebrations were focused on showing appreciation to friends, family and those who fought for the freedom we all so enjoy.

One day, as I was thinking of these celebrations and asking myself if I have truly shown appreciation, God asked me “What about Me”? I replied Lord, I don’t understand and He reminded me that He gave His only son for the salvation of mankind. I will go into detail some other time. But keep that question in mind.

Now we are into the Christmas season, a time of wishing people around us well by exchanging gifts, sharing meals and winding down the year as we enter the new with something we all do once a year such as:

  • Pray into the new year or
  • Attend a new year’s eve party or
  • Watch Thursday night football or
  • Seat before the television to enjoy how various countries enter the New Year with light festivities

However you celebrate it, let be another reminder of the gift God gave us. He gave us first so we can have abundant life and live victoriously. Matthew 1:18-25

Verse 21 – And she shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

We cannot live the abundant victorious life on our own effort no matter how organized, smart or good we are because it is a life based on the Spirit of God. As it is written in Zechariah 4:6; Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts”.


  • How did you celebrate your thanksgiving and remembrance holidays?
  • How are you celebrating Christmas (us acknowledging the receipt of God’s gift to us)?
  • What are you giving Him in return?

Having acknowledged the receipt of the gift God gave in His son, are you enjoying the abundant victorious life that He brings? If not, why not. Self-examining yourself in the light of the word you know is a good place to start. Send me an email with any question(s) or prayer requestds you may have.

Have a blessed, favored and glorious day in Him,
Live Life Victoriously