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A Healing Experience

The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit – Proverbs 18:21

With the excitement and anticipation of a summer holiday trip, just before the cab arrived to take us to the airport, I tumbled down the stairs going down to the basement and landed to a stop 3/4 quarter ways. I noticed a few broken finger nails and felt no pain anywhere else but noticed my ankle was in a strange position. This was about 8:00am.

Carefully I stood up and examined my left ankle by moving and feeling it around for any sign of injury to which there was none. I continued merrily down the stairs, got what I needed, and ran back up the stairs. Woo hoo! I was good to go! I clipped off the broken nails and filed them down. The cab arrived and we were off.

This trip is a long one of 20 hours of flying time and 10 hours of waiting time. The first 2 hours of flying time to Toronto from Winnipeg International Airport was at 11:55am. At about an hour in, all is going very well when suddenly I noticed I couldn’t wiggle the left toes in my shoe. Upon examination, I could feel nothing in my foot except throbbing.

After I calmed down, I prayed, “God, what is this? What’s going on? It was fine when I fell down and it’s being fine since. What is it?” He replied, “Sprained Ankle.” With this, I thought after a brief moment of silence, and realized this can’t happen not now, not later, not tomorrow, nor ever. I addressed the situation by speaking healing to my ankle commanding the ligaments and muscles to, “be healed, made whole, restore.” My Pastor, Pastor Maria Efezino, taught me this. I asked the airhostess for some ice, and started rubbing it on my ankle. I could not remove my shoes at this time.

When we arrived Pearson International Airport, it was 3:19pm local time and I could not stand on my left leg. Passengers who saw me earlier where wondering what happened? My husband was in shock at the sight. I hopped hanging on to the seats, the left rail up the ramp, and into the airport where I started looking for an assistant to get to our next gate by riding in the cart.

The driver dropped us off in front of an elevator with gentle, kind and specific instructions for us to follow to which I was grateful. To God be the glory the elevator had my husband and I in it. I am not happy with this situation. I angrily addressed my ankle again “look this is not funny, okay. Because I am that I am, be healed, made whole, restore. We are going to have fun on this trip and there is no room for you to be this way. Are you hearing me?………” Then I mumbled something that I can’t remember.

As the elevator opened seconds later I hopped out on my right foot. Then I felt I could use the tip of my shoe on the left foot for support instead of the handrails. Hallelujah! I proceeded to limping the rest of the way to the gate where we will start on the second part of our trip and sit for 8 hours. It was 4:40pm

You know the rest of the story. Throbbing was gone and I can walk again.

We frame our world with the words of our mouth. Proverbs 18:21 reads; “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit”. What situation are you facing right now and what do you want? Choose your words carefully. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. God has never changed. Christ died and resurrected so I can live life victoriously restoring all that I am to be and it is the same for you as well, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.

Just so you know, at the end of our holiday, as I got ready for the journey back home, the left shoe had increased in size. I had to wear a light sock for comfort so I could walk properly without it constantly slipping off. So, if you see me wearing a light sock in one shoe and tights in the other you know why.

“When you see into the invisible you will believe for the impossible”
– Papa Morris Cerullo

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