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How to Say It

Regardless of what flavor you prefer, there is something satisfying to the taste bud with the crunch and taste of lay’s potato chips.  Some people will do anything to get that satisfaction, even at the expense of another’s time and their self – esteem.

This commercial was taped in an Esthetician’s salon where Grace the Esthetician   was busy talking to Diane her customer about a personal matter while applying the first coat of the red colored nail polish.  Diane was listening intently to what Grace was saying with both her hands stretched in front of her when suddenly she heard a sound from the right side of her – C-R-U-N-C-H.

It was Lucy the receptionist, she was on break sitting comfortably in the lounge and had just eaten a regular flavored chip from the bag of Lay’s potato chips she was holding in her hand.  Diane turned in the direction of the sound and with a yearning look, swept her tongue across her bottom lips in a right to left motion. She took a deep breath as if she could taste the potato chips while listening to Grace.

Just as Grace stood up for a moment and walked away to get something she needed from behind her, the phone rang.   Lucy dropped the bag of chips, wiped her hands and hurriedly walked to the front desk to answer the phone.

In a split second Diane with her wet nails quietly dashed into the lounging area, reached inside the bag of chips, grab a few, very quickly threw them in her mouth, and walked back to her seat, placed her hands back where they were, with a puckered mouth and eyes roaming the room.

Just then, Grace looked down in wide-eyed horror and starred at Diane’s hands stained with little crumbs of lay’s potato chips.  Loss for words, she very slowly lifts up her head to look at Diane with her puckered mouth and roaming eyes, and down again at her hands.

Both ladies still loss for words, starred at each other as Diane made the sound –C-R-U-N-C-H from her mouth, closes her eyes in satisfaction of the harmony of the sound and flavor with a groaning and smile.

O! What some people will do at the expense of another’s time and self – esteem.

All names are fictitious.